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Welcome to Ruhalaya Major Seminary

Ruhalaya is the major seminary of the Missionary Society of St Thomas the Apostle (MST). It is situated at the outskirts of Ujjain, a city of historical and religious importance in Madhya Pradesh, India. Ruhalaya Philosophate was started in 1986 and the Theologate in 1997. Ruhalaya Philosophy faculty is affiliated to the Pontifical Urban University, Rome through the Decree No.1020 of the Congregation for Catholic Education, Rome, dated 22 October, 1998.


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Spiritual Formation

The spiritual formation in Ruhalaya is primarily the work of Holy Spirit. It aims at fostering relationship and communion with God and consists of the cultivation of a filial attitude to the Father, fraternal love for Christ



The MST is a missionary institute of the Syro-Malabar church(C 2). It is a society of Apostolic life with a communitarian dimension (cf. C 3, 6). Imbibing the spirit of St. Thomas the apostle, MST responds in a radical



P. B. No. 4, Agar Road, Ujjain City P.O., 456 006, M. P., India
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